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Turmeric Infused Basil Mist

Turmeric Infused Basil Mist

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Turmeric-infused Basil mist :

This unique and carefully formulated mist will not only treat your skin-related issues but also a solution to your HAIR problems like dandruff and itchy scalp.
For Skin:
It will remove those stubborn white and blackheads along with the acne marks. It will give your skin a cleansed and exfoliating effect and help you get crystal-clear skin. It can be used as a toner also.

For Hair:

The unique combo of Basil and turmeric will help you with hair fall and dandruff along with the premature grey ageing of the hair.




Spray this directly on your skin after washing your face. We recommend using our “Sandal infused rose luminizer “ in the morning and then using this mist before bed for better and more visible results.

For Hair:
Spray this on your scalp preferably after washing the hairs or any time of day as per your desire. Also, spray this on the hair length.
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