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Anti acne bundle

Anti acne bundle

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This power-packed essence has every skin perfecting ingredient you could think of. The magical ingredients work together to improve skin's bounce, fade fine lines, and encourage luminosity.This facial essence is a big drink of water for your skin.So be ready for a punch of hydration that lasts all day.

When to use it

Twice a day on dampen skin and before serums and moisturisers

Tip: Use a facial mist before and ater applying the essence

Renaissance Radiance is an incredible skin brightening treatment that contains a blend of different skin loving acids, extracts and proteins.It gently exfoliates and purify dull skin for a renewed complexion. Use this mask when your skin looks quite tired, dull and uneven as it immediately smooths and revitalises.

When to use it

Twice a week, before bed because skin cell turn over increases

Spotless and Plump H2O mist will calm down the skin and refresh it each time. It’ll also help out with uneven skin tone because of infused 24k gold flakes. 

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