Sandal Infused Rose Luminizer



Sandal Infused Rose Luminizer

Improved Formula
This is super soothing and hydrating facial mist.It is very effective in reducing blemishes and remove acne scars, it’s magical formula also prevents acne and reduce pores formation as it tightens the skin.
It also plumped up and brighten up the skin and makes your skin baby soft, can be used as a toner or can be spray on face during any hours of a day to freshen up the skin.

•Reduce Blemishes •Prevent Acne
•Remove Acne Scars
•Reduce Pores Formation •Tighten the Skin
•Brighten up Complexion •Make Skin Baby Soft

For All Skin Types
No Side effects as it Is 100% Organic
Price just Rs.550


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