Kill Co Hand & Body Sanitizer


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In this crucial time , we all need to play our parts, you guys by being staying at home and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones.
And our duty is to provide our value able customers with the best. Thats why we made this sanitizer to serve with what is least available at the moment. So lets join our hands by beating the CORONA VIRUS ?

Let’s Beat Corona
Limited Edition

Kill Co hand & body sanitizer will protect you and your homies against the COVID-19 and all other germs and bacteria.
It efficiently kills 99.9% germs. To kill that 0.1% germs you need to frequently sanitize your hands and body as that 0.1% can be problematic.
Additionally wear mask and avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth.

No codes are applicable on this product as this is not about profits and sharing them this about people we love and care about ❤️?


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